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CCTV footage of revellers having sex in a grimy alleyway has gone viral on the world’s biggest porn site.

Three unaware couples were caught by a security camera behind The Point nightclub in Sunderland.

The footage including one threesome was then uploaded to website PornHub which attracts 64million viewers every day.

The clips have proved quite the hit with one viewer commenting: ’Up against the wall, hot as f***’.

One reveller told The Sun: ’These couples clearly don’t have any issues with a quickie in public - but I don’t think any of them expected to ever become sex stars with the public.’

While most people would be happy with a taxi home, they’ve opted to get a leg up against a wheelie bin. The alleyway is a well-known sha**ing hotspot and it’s somewhere a lot of people want to tick off their list.’

’And now they’ve done it they’re being ogled all around the world.’

It is not known who owns the camera which captured the footage in 2001 before it was posted online in 2015.

CCTV operators are not allowed to disclose images of identifiable people and can be fined up to 500,000 pounds for doing so by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

This is not the first time Brits have been caught having sex on camera.

Last year a couple caused a stir on social media after being pictured ’having sex’ in broad daylight in a public park.


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